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Foton 4X2 Food Refresh Truck 8 Tons Refrigerated Box Lorry Truck
Foton 4X2 Food Refresh Truck 8 Tons Refrigerated Box Lorry Truck

Foton 4X2 Food Refresh Truck 8 Tons Refrigerated Box Lorry Truck

Categories: Truck , Refrigerated Truck
FOB Price:12000.00 USD /Unit
Minimum Order Quantity:1 Unit(s)
Supply Ability:47 Unit(s)
Payment Terms:L/C, T/T, D/P, Western
Company Profile
Capital:US$ 0 Million
Employees: 1-49人 People
Detailed Description
Refrigerated trucks are used to transport frozen or fresh goods of the closed van, is equipped with a refrigeration unit refrigeration and polyurethane insulated car for refrigerated transport vehicles, commonly used in the transport of frozen food (frozen cars), dairy products (Milk truck), vegetables and fruits (fresh truck), vaccine drugs (vaccine carriers) and so on.
* Primary agricultural products: vegetables, fruits; meat, poultry, eggs; aquatic products; flower products.
* Processed foods: frozen food; poultry, meat, aquatic products such as packaging cooked food; ice cream and dairy products; fast food raw materials.
* Specialties: chemical products, medical supplies, biological products and so on.

Construction of refrigerated trucks
Refrigerated trucks made of the special car chassis, thermal insulation envelope (generally composed of polyurethane materials, glass steel, color steel, stainless steel, etc.), refrigeration units, compartment temperature recorder and other components.
Refrigerated truck body production technology
1, fragmented assembly of the "sandwich" board bonding and the insulation performance of refrigerated truck is higher.
2, the film assembled into the foam.
3, the overall skeleton into the foam.
4, vacuum adsorption paste technology.

Optional configurations
1. Meat hook: the installation of rail slide and stainless steel meat hook.
Meat hooks are made of stainless steel, and surface is polished;
Meat hook rails are made of metal grooves or ridges.
2. Ventilation system: can enhance the cooling effect of the refrigerator. After installing the ventilation slot, the cargo will not be too close to the side wall and the bottom.
Ventilation slot material is aluminum alloy and easy to clean for its simple structure.
When transport meat, drug items, box items, it is necessary to install ventilation slots to pvent deterioration.
3. Temperature and humidity recorder: Printing, data transmission, high and low temperature alarm, GPS positioning and temperature and humidity recorder, which is specifically designed for ultra-low power consumption but long time temperature data record data logger products.
The product can be collected in accordance with the configuration time interval recording temperature and humidity parameters, and can record the data and collect data to the computer for processing and drawing charts; it is widely used in food and drug safety, scientific research and production, chemical medicine, HVAC, Transportation, meteorological hydrology, paper making, environmental protection, archives, laboratory (testing) room, museum, electricity, tobacco and other fields.

Refrigerated truck &factory show

Foton 4X2 Food Refresh Truck 8 Tons Refrigerated Box Lorry Truck
Foton 4X2 Food Refresh Truck 8 Tons Refrigerated Box Lorry Truck
Foton 4X2 Food Refresh Truck 8 Tons Refrigerated Box Lorry Truck

Basic specification
Left hand drive with deluxe cab
Vehicle modelZJKM23
Chassis modelQL1040A6HAY
Overall dimensions5995×1910×2790
Cargo box dimensions4100×1740×1750
GVW4495 kg
Curb weight1495 kg
Load capacity5000 kg
Wheel base3308mm
Axle load 1850/2690 kg
F/R track base1360/1265 mm
Approach/departure angle20/14
Max speed95 km/h
Tire specification7.00-16;8.25-16
Drive mode4X2
Engine type4KH1CN5LS
,diesel engine
Engine power88 kW
Emission2993 L
Engine manufacturerAnhui JAC Engine Co., Ltd
TransmissionMBR-6P, 6-speed
Integrated fuel consumption11.3 L/100km
Emission standardEuro 3-5
Configuration1. The insulation material in the board is made of imported polyurethane, the thickness is 80mm.
2. The inner and outer wall panels are made of high quality 2.2mm FRP (color steel plate, stainless steel, aluminum alloy are optional).
3. The bottom plate is made of aluminum plate or FRP.
4. 2.5mm aluminum alloy package around the cargo box.
5. Stainless steel door frame, hinge, wrap angle, door lock, 4 units of anti-collision rubber and the installation of energy-saving lighting.
RefrigeratorCarrier brands, lowest temperature can be -15C.
(Thermo king, Hana and other international brands are optional)
Warranty24 months, from the date of supply
Foton 4X2 Food Refresh Truck 8 Tons Refrigerated Box Lorry Truck

Foton 4X2 Food Refresh Truck 8 Tons Refrigerated Box Lorry Truck
Foton 4X2 Food Refresh Truck 8 Tons Refrigerated Box Lorry Truck

1.Q:Are you amanufacturer or trading company?
A:We are manufacturer. You are welcomed to visit our factory.
Factory Address: Chengli Automobile Industrial Park, South Suburb, Suizhou, Hubei, China
2.Q:What kind of payment do you accept?
A:We accept T/T and L/C usually.
If you want to use others payment, contact us for /confirm/iation.
3.Q:Can you customize trucks according to customers' need?
A:Yes,product customization service is our speciality.
4.Q:What's your after-sale service?
A:We provide technical support for our products.
Besides, we also providespare parts as long as customers need.
5.Q:What's your delivery time?
A:It depends on the quantity, usually takes 10-15

Chengli automobile co.,Ltd covers an area of about67 hectares, more than8000 employees,production and sales of various special vehicles more than 300 kinds.
Our company is keeping growing during15 years. Our sales revenue reached 400 million dollars and exports reached 20 million dollars in 2016.
Our leading varieties includerefuel tank truck, LPG tanker,sprinkler, tank truck, garbage truck, suction truck, sewage suction truck, dump truck, van,
trailer, wrecker, truck cranes, aerial vehicles, coach cars, bulk cement truck, chemical trucks, fire truck, cement mixer, tractor special van, feed truck,
LED advertising vehicle, the American school bus and Recreational Vehicle

We have got five first in the field of special automobile:
1.Sanitation car sales ranked first in the country;
2.Special vehicle production and sales ranked first in the country;
3.The first private enterprise pass the test of the A2, C2 three types of pssure vessel by once;
4.The first private enterprise through the enterprise qualification approval of low-speed truck test by once;
5.The first private enterprise through the new national standard of fire acceptance.

Any interest of road sweeper truck, pls contact us .
Tel /: +86 186 7222 2184
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Company Information
Hubei Changhua Special Automobile Sales Co., Ltd.
Name:Hubei Changhua Special Automobile Sales Co., Ltd. Unverified
Trade Category: 制造商 Unverified
Registered Time: 2005 Unverified
Registered Capital: US$ 0 Million
Contact: JoannaYang Unverified
Employees: 1-49人 People
Address: SouthSuburbChengliAutomobileIndustryPark,Suizhou,Hubei,China
Product/Service: Tank Truck, Fuel Truck, Refueling Truck manufacturer / supplier in China, offering Dongfeng 4*2 Fuel Tanker 6000 Liters Gasoline Bower Tank Truck, Sinotruk 4X2 Fuel Tank Truck 10 M3 Refuel Tanker, Dongfeng 4*2 280HP Fuel Dispenser Truck 16000L Fuel Tank T

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