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Heavy Duty Steel Galvanized Roller Storage Gravity Rack
Heavy Duty Steel Galvanized Roller Storage Gravity Rack

Heavy Duty Steel Galvanized Roller Storage Gravity Rack

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FOB Price:120.00 USD /Unit
Minimum Order Quantity:1 Unit(s)
Supply Ability:47 Unit(s)
Payment Terms:L/C, T/T, D/P, Western
Company Profile
Capital:US$ 0 Million
Employees: 1-49人 People
Detailed Description
Heavy Duty Steel Galvanized Roller Storage Gravity Rack

First In First Out
Material flow relying on their own weights.
Main Design
Inclined roller tracks are installed with certain spacing according to your cartons or bins.
It is suitable for cartons and bins of any size.
Plastic fasteners are used for convenient boltless assembling/disassembling on the beams.
The rack system can be used together with electronic tags systems.
Space saving.
Efficiency improving.

Utility area
Logistic centers. Picking area. Production station.

Roller track choices
Aluminum, small sheet metal, sheet metal reinforced

We could also supply plastic cartons and bins, if customer needed.

1) Designed with rollers, inclined properly
2) The goods would flow to down according to their own weight
3) Goods can be reserved quickly and fast
4) Goods circulate in a best state, being first in and first out

The shelves are with storage and transport of goods dual function - Dynamic warehousing. Goods inclination by fluent output from the inlet end to the outlet end of the shelf, while the later phase of goods successively get to the position of storage, while achieving FIFO (FIFO).
Fluent shelves can be used in logistics centers and warehouses picking area, can also be used in the production station next to the storage of products, parts, goods with liquidity. Compared with ordinary laminate shelves, not just to provide a space for storage, but more space savings, improve efficiency, It is the best choice of logistics center, and can be used with electronic tags systems.

Column pieces: Depth 600-3000mm height 1500-3000mm
Beam length: According to the size of crates can be, 600-2500mm
Aluminum, small sheet metal, sheet metal reinforced fluent could be choosen. Bolted fasteners for easy loading and unloading.

1. Color: Blue, orange
2. Powder Coating
3. High capacity: 6-20 tons
4. Easy to install

5. Please offer following rack info for a clear price:

1. Size of storage Gravity Racking (H*W*L)
2. Total or each level of loading capacity
3. Drawing (if available)
4. Size of your warehouse(If available)
5. The fork direction(if load pallet)
6. Levels you would like
7, Max weight of each cargo; Size of each cargo, Moving way

Horizontal bracing
Diagonal bracing
Support bar,
Mesh, wood, steel shelf
Side cladding
Safe pins

Delivery time
Usually 25 days after deposit, Large quantity can be discussed
ItemFloor area useLoad capacityMax Heightstore
Pallet rack/heavy shelf34%up to 5T11mwithout limited
Shelf rack40&Up to 500kgMax 3mManual picking
Drive in rack51%Max 2T10mFirst in, last out
Radio shuttle rack70%According to shuttle machine10mfirst in,last out
Gravity60%Max 1T10mFirst in, first out
Platform80%Max 2T /sq.Mt2.5mt per floorwithout limited

Product Image
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Company Information
Guangdong Sunli Intelligent Logistics Equipment Co., Ltd.
Name:Guangdong Sunli Intelligent Logistics Equipment Co., Ltd. Unverified
Trade Category: 制造商 Unverified
Registered Time: 2010 Unverified
Registered Capital: US$ 0 Million
Contact: MrsJanice Unverified
Employees: 1-49人 People
Address: TangXia Village Industrial Centre, Gaobu Town, Dongguan, Guangdong, China
Product/Service: Rack, Pallet Rack, Storage Rack manufacturer / supplier in China, offering Heavy Duty Industrial Shelving Warehouse Storage Pallet Rack, Heavy Duty Support Bar for Warehouse Rack, H400mm Powder Coated Rack Upright Protector and so on.

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