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Rail Corrugation Wear Gauge
Rail Corrugation Wear Gauge

Rail Corrugation Wear Gauge

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FOB Price:950.00 USD /
Minimum Order Quantity:1 (s)
Supply Ability:500 (s)
Payment Terms:L/C, T/T, D/P, Western
Company Profile
Contact:Yuan Jing
Capital:US$ 120 Million
Employees: 50-99人 People
Detailed Description
 Product Description

Rail Corrugation Wear Gauge

This digital corrugation wear gauge is a direct reading measuring tool which is using straight vertical measurement method. It is mainly used for rail top surface and position surface corrugation wear data measurement.
Stainless Steel
Dimensions (L x W x H) (mm)
Place of Origin
Brand Name
Product name
Rail Corrugation Wear Gauge
Measuring Length
Indication Error
±0.05 mm
Measuring position
Rail top and side
Work Temperature
Ambient Temperature
Disabled when it rains
Packing & Delivery
PE bag+pe foam+paper carton box ,inside with a fabric bag for free
Company Profile
Xiangyang Lianjie Mechanical&Electrical Co.,Ltd established in 2013,We are the leading manufacturer of the geometry measurement systems for railway which are being used all over the world and also we are the only approved organisation to be accredited by all the user Railways across the world for the supply of these coupler.The Couplers are manufactured keeping in view the stringent quality requirement and with utmost care and dedication to suit the requirements of our esteemed buyers all over the world .
Product Image
Rail Corrugation Wear Gauge Image1
Company Information
Name:Xiangyang Lianjie Unverified
Trade Category: Unverified
Registered Time: 2013 Unverified
Registered Capital: US$ 120 Million
Contact: Yuan Jing Unverified
Employees: 50-99人 People
Address: Sifu Technology Industrial Park No.1 Qilin Road, XiangCheng District
Product/Service: track measurement tools

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