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Tire Storage Shelf for Tire Shops
Tire Storage Shelf for Tire Shops

Tire Storage Shelf for Tire Shops

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Minimum Order Quantity:1 Unit(s)
Supply Ability:13 Unit(s)
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Capital:US$ 0 Million
Employees: 1-49人 People
Detailed Description

ANONA psents Tyre Racks for vehicle and auto workshops. These racks are helpful in placing vehicle tyres in the workshop effectively.

ANONA comes up front with two types of Tyre Racks.Moveable Tyre RacksandWall Mounted Tyre Racks.


Eight or nine tyres (215mm) capacity design; Load bearing of the rack is up to 800 kg; Such type of tyre rack has especially made for moving and storing tyres.TIRE RACK PRODUCT RANGE
Tire Storage Shelf for Tire Shops
TIRE RACK IN USETire Storage Shelf for Tire Shops

These TIRE RACKS are highly effective for running aservice site for car body shops.

The car body shops owners can contact ANONA for further details and information. For any queries kindly contact us at:

    Phone:0086-20-87460378 and

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    For more details, please refer to our "Product Page-Auto Repair Equipments" & "Product Page-Car Repair Tools" .
    Tire Storage Shelf for Tire Shops
    Tire Storage Shelf for Tire Shops

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Company Information
Guangzhou Yoki Machinery Import & Export Co., Ltd.
Name:Guangzhou Yoki Machinery Import & Export Co., Ltd. Unverified
Trade Category: 制造商 Unverified
Registered Time: 2007 Unverified
Registered Capital: US$ 0 Million
Contact: AngelLi Unverified
Employees: 1-49人 People
Product/Service: Wall Mounted Tire Storage Rack, Tire Storage Wall Mount Auto Shelf, Tire Holder manufacturer / supplier in China, offering Heavy Duty Wall Mounted Tire Wheel Rack for Tyres Storage for Tires Shops, Yokistar Waterborne Paint Drying System Dustless 2 Years

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