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CE Approved China Power Folding Electric BikeImage
CE Approved China Power Folding Electric Bike
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Product Description

CE approved China power folding electric bike

I. Pictures of Chariot Scooter Off Road

1/3 Chariot Scooter Off Road Shining Colors

Excellent Performance: 18km/h with 30-35km mileage
Ideal for Commute, Tour and Patrol

2/3 Chariot Scooter Featuring Light

19inches tires to handle bumpy road condition while keeping
Its body cleaning and shining

3/3 Chariot scooter classic black

Totally Environment-friendly with Zero-Emission
0° Turning radius with netweight: 56kg, born to be flexible
Package: Carton or Plywood: 910*540*720mm

II about the Electric Chariot Scooter Off Road

The is a fully open, all electric chariot scooter with innovative design and sensible mind which can easily figure out what you think about, bringing you the unpcedented driving experience you even experienced.

The real innovation in this electric scooter, though, is that it can stay upright, all by itself. The driver does not need to balance it at all. This is achieved with the innovative use of 5 groups of gyroscope under the sub-structure where it also lies the working principle of this electric scooter. It simply followes where your gravity center goes. With an integrated circuit PCB board inside to control the signal flow, Es-II scooter moves forward as you lean forward and slows down as you lean backward or lower your gravity center. Braking device is totally unnecessary in this scooter. This electric scooter can even turn 360 degree with 0 radius, making it flexible under narrow space.

With the traffic getting more and more congested and environment getting worse, you definitely need a product like this to either commute or show off yourself, not to mention to protect the environment at a greater sense! Choose us, choose happy scootering!

III about US

With five years of Experience, advanced tech and skilled workforce, we are confident to supply our scooters direct to you at competitive prices with no middle man.

We offer an extensive range of stylish scooter designs in eye-catching colours. There's bound to be a scooter to get you whizzing off down the road. Don't forget to check out our latest two model Es-II and Es-III.

IV Join US

Distributors and dealers are wanted. No matter where you are from, fully support will be provided to you and make your business fly. Let us grow together!


1. How to order?

Simply inquiry us by your wanted model. With deals made, we can send the product to your door through DHL, FedEx, UPS, etc.

2. How does chariot scooter move? How does it balance?

senses the lean of the rider with the assistance of two-dimensional inertial navigation system and two accelerometers that sense the angle of the ESWING with respect to gravity at
100 times per second. It balances the rider by applying forces to the ground in the direction of the lean. If you lean forward the applies motor torque to the wheel to push it forward, bring you upright and balance you. When you lean back, it applies reverse torque to slow you down and balance you accordingly.

3. Where can be chariot scooter used?

It can be used for leasing, tour. Patrol.
It has wide application as below:
Police, security personnel patrol
Personal travel, amusement and short-distance travel
Renting in tourist attractions, parks and amusements playgrounds
Intelligent robot moving platform
Industrial park, factory, greenhouse personal transport

Send us inquiry now, any of your questions will get prompt response! Guaranteed! ! !

Net Weight58kg
Dimension91*54*72 cm
Max. cruise speed18km/h
Max. load150kg
Max. mileage30-35km
Max. climb capability30 degree
Min. turning radius0 degree
Charging time6-8h
BatteryPB, 36V, 48Ah
Max. power2000w (2*1000w/pc)
Life of battery1-3 years
Tire19inches vacuum,anti pucture
WheelSuperior integrated aluminum magnesium alloy
Height of handle800-1100 mm adjustable
Height of footplate10inches
Specifications of footplate11.5*25 in
Max. height above ground120mm
Standard pssure250kpa
Colors7 colors available
CertificationsCE, FCC, ROHS