China Shipping Anchor Chain(Jiangsu) Co.,Ltd 1YR Main product: anchor ,anchor chain,buoy
Product categories
Anchor Chain In Stock
Anchor Chain In Stock USD 1000.00 /Piece
Grade 3 Anchor Chain
Grade 3 Anchor Chain USD 1000.00 /Piece
Factory direct  Anchor Chain
Factory direct Anchor Chain USD 1000.00 /Piece
Shipyard supply  Anchor Chain
Shipyard supply Anchor Chain USD 1000.00 /Piece
Anchor Chain Stockiest
Anchor Chain Stockiest USD 1000.00 /Piece
Anchor Chain In Stock
Anchor Chain In Stock USD 1000.00 /Piece
China Offshore HHP MK5 Anchor
China Offshore HHP MK5 Anchor USD 1000.00 /Piece
Diameter 70MM  Anchor Chain
Diameter 70MM Anchor Chain USD 1000.00 /Piece
Chain Accessories End Shackle
Chain Accessories End Shackle USD 30.00 /Piece
SWIVEL FORERUNNER With Class USD 100.00 /Piece
Joining Shackle Type Kenter
Joining Shackle Type Kenter USD 100.00 /Piece
6225KG AC-14 HHP Ship Anchor
6225KG AC-14 HHP Ship Anchor USD 1000.00 /Piece
Delta HHP Ship Anchor
Delta HHP Ship Anchor USD 1000.00 /Piece
Spek Anchor
Spek Anchor USD 1000.00 /Piece
Anchor Chain Manufacturer
Anchor Chain Manufacturer USD 1000.00 /Piece
Company Profile
Name:China Shipping Anchor Chain(Jiangsu) Co.,Ltd Unverified
Trade Category: Manufacturer Unverified
Registered Time: 2019 Unverified
Registered Capital: US$ 20 Million
Contact: Cindy Tian Unverified
Employees: 100-499人 People
Address: Quxia Industrial Park
Product/Service: anchor chain,anchor,steel buoy

 Emergency replacement of anchor chain,we promise delivery within 1-3 days

First. The company has a large inventory of anchor chains and raw materials. For customers who need to replace the anchor chain urgently, we promise to leave the factory within 1-3 days. We provide anchor chain, anchor installation and maintenance services for all ports in China and Southeast Asia.
Second, the long warranty period --- we are confidence with our quality of our products
We can extend the warranty period of our products according to the different needs of customers. We can give up to 2-8 years warranty for marine anchor chains. Any quality problems during the warranty period will be replaced free of charge. Because we have confidence in the quality of our products,all we can promise!
Third, we are a company with a culture --- Welcome to Zhongyun Anchor Chain!