CLW Heavy Industry Co., Ltd.

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Company Introduction

  • CLW Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. Photo of company
  • CLW Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. Photo of company

CLW Heavy Industry Co., Ltd.

Year Established:
Main Category:
Specialized Vehicles / Trucks / Tanker Trucks
Main Products:
Main Markets:
Water Tank Delivery Truck, Water Tanker Truck, Water Tank Truck manufacturer / supplier in China, offering Dongfeng 5cbm 4X2 Water Delivery Tanker Truck, Dongfeng 4X2 Full Automatic Road Sweeper Truck for Hot Sale, Sinotruk HOWO Mounted Truck with Crane a

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   CLW Heavy Industry Co., Ltd is a top manufacturer producing over 800 kinds of special trucks.

  CLW Heavy Industry Co., Ltd cooperates with famous enterprises, such as DONGFENG, FAW, SINOTRUK, JAC, SHACMAN, FOTON, CAMC, and etc.

  CLW Heavy Industry Co., Ltd takes customer's satisfaction as the top requirement. All of the trucks and semi-trailer were sold to Kenya, Ethiopia, Nigeria, Tanzania, Libya, Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan, South Africa, Syria, middle-east, South-east-Asia, African, South-African, Australia and so forth.

  CLW Heavy Industry Co., Ltd export's turnover has reached 20million dollars and our products have been sold to more than 50 countries.

  CLW Heavy Industry Co., Ltd Special automobile Co., Ltd also provide products as follows:

  1. LPG Tank/LPG Skid Station/LPG Truck Trailer/ Fuel Tanker Truck

  2. Tractor

  3. Water truck / Water Tank Truck / Water Sprinkler Truck/Water Tanker

  4. Dump Truck / Tipper Truck/Side Tipper/End Tipper

  5. Fire Fighting Truck / Fire Truck / Fire Vehicle

  6. Van truck / Blasting equipment transporter/ Refrigerated truck

  7. Cement Powder Tank truck/ Bulk cement truck

  8. Garbage compactor truck, sealed garbage truck

  9. Sweeper Truck

  10. Concrete mixer truck/ asphalt distributor truck/concrete mixer pump truck

  11. High-altitude truck/truck with crane

  12. Chemical liquid transportation truck

  13. Flat transportation truck/wrecker truck

  14. Seage suction truck/Fecal suction truck

  15. Semi Trailer Semi-trailer Semitrailer

  16. All the spare part and accessories of the special truck and LPG products.

  And so on